Whether you are travelling across the country to greet the new indigenous culture or in somebody’s backyard, being sensitive to their culture will be your ticket into their lives and way to capture their authentic lifestyle.

A highlight to visit to any indigenous cultures and meeting the tribes may be vastly different from usual meeting and shooting the photography. However, photographing indigenous cultures is a delicate thing hence you need to be careful that you don’t hurt their feelings.

Indigenous Cultures

Your goal is to take the best of the best photographs of indigenous cultures, but you just can’t walk and click and come back. There are few things to consider, before you step on their land.

 Learn some tips before photographing indigenous cultures

 Gain Acceptance

It is one of the first thing you need to do when you travel to the site is to gain acceptance. You need the subjects to like you or accept you for what you are there. There are many indigenous cultures that don’t entertain photography or like outer world to interfere. You need to let them know ahead that you are interested in capturing their lifestyle and culture. Give them their due respect and they will give you a warm welcome.

 More Research

It is important to gather as much information as you can for the indigenous culture you wish to photograph. The better you are aware of these species the best response you will be able to pull out through your photography.


We all know that we aren’t going to speak their language, but the body language says a lot. It takes only simple gestures and a smile to make understand your interest in taking photographs. This will you will get a clear indication whether they are comfortable in capturing the photographs.

Indigenous Culture Captured

 Great Posing Locations

Photographing people at their own land provides an intimate glimpse about their real life. Nothing describes life more than a photograph of one of the subject posed for hunting/cooking or dancing around the fire. Hang around long enough for the subject to shoot their day to day activities and know their culture background. When shooting for them, look for the angles that tell the best story.

Choose The Variety Of Subjects

To document the indigenous cultures, it is vital to focus on the details as well as individuals. Perhaps, this is the primary challenge that the majority of the photographers find it. Instead of usual wide angle shots, shoot pictures that are characteristics of the festival and at the same time people participating in the same. This will create a lively portrayal of the festivals.


For lot of us the very idea of walking down the street and clicking pictures of them is enough to bring on cold sweat. To bring home the wonders and the charm of far flung indigenous culture where with the simple nod you get the permission to click their lives is more than any achievement. Following the above mentioned tips will surely going to help you with this.